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A look back at September's Love Letter


How is it September already?  I haven’t been to Target lately but I'm guessing they've put their Halloween candy on sale and have moved on to turkey and tinsel.  Good thing I just found an ornament from last year behind the couch...

So, I'm thinking it's time for another speed date.  Buckle Up! (Click here if you missed the first round and want to get up to speed)

It seems like just yesterday I started courting you and now here you are opening a Love Letter from me two months later…  Look, I know the Notebook was a three hour movie and all, but in real life…. that love story took some tiiiiime.  Noah was a patient and persistent OM’ie, and Allie was the One-Handed Tree Pose of all tough yoga poses.  Or maybe she was the Bird of Paradise.  Regardless Babe, if you're a bird, I'm a bird.

Your love is worth the overtime I've been putting in even if it means I have to fill an entire Notebook with Love Letters.

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You are loved and you are special.  Remind yourself of that.

xoxo, Emily