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August has come and passed.  September's Love Letter just went out.  Sign up so that you can start feeling the love.  

august love letter

Hello Pretty OM'ie!

We meet again!  And this time it's on the weekend..?! Baby steps, sure, but definitely baby steps in the right direction.

So this month has been kind of unproductive.  I'm probably not supposed to say that, but it's true.  Typically when you're courting someone you put on a show:  An "I have a good job, I drive a nice car, I love my mom, and I brush my teeth every night" kind of experience.  And while yes, all of those things are true; I hope that you take my honesty as a sign that I truly value you and all of your support.

Since the last time I wrote to you, I rested.  I spent time with family, I criticized my work, I celebrated small victories, and I prayed.  There were days when I was downer than Downward Facing Dog and others where I felt unstoppable.
We all want to be the big “overnight” success story.  But here’s what I’ve come to terms with this past month; Success is not something you achieve and then get to sip champagne, eat grapes, and do yoga all day.  No, no, no… Success is something we must continuously work for, day in and day out.
Successes, however big or small, are something to be celebrated.  I'm happy dancing as I issue the FIRST checks to Habitat for Humanity, Adopt-A-Pet, and Maggie’s Place, and baby, you better be putting on your dancing shoes too!  CLICK HERE to see the impact we made in just one month.  Keep rockin’ the shirts.  Keep spreading the word.  Keep the world smiling and celebrate every tiny victory.

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